2016 Pliny the Younger (Strong Beer Day)

Pliny the Younger
Friday, February 19 around 5pm

Okay, folks, we got ONE keg of Pliny the Younger and we will be tapping it around 5pm on Friday, February 19. We call this day Strong Beer Day and we usually include other double and triple IPAs for your drinking enjoyment. And…please do NOT drive here if you’re going to drink strong beer.

Here’s how we try to do this:

To get a Younger, you need to first get a ticket. I’ll sell around 175 tickets that will just about empty a 15.5 gallon keg with 10 oz. pours. People always come very early on Strong Beer Day, so those who are here first when I start selling them around 4pm, will be first in line. Everybody gets to buy ONE ticket only. No, you may not buy one for your friend whom you’re waiting for.

Then you have to get in line with your ticket to get your Pliny the Younger pour. I know it sounds restrictive and a pain in the butt, but it’s the only way I can fairly make sure everybody who wants a taste gets one. Last year we had a pour for everyone who showed up before 5pm. We will also have a lot of other great double and triple IPAs available.

Last year we had a ticket purchase line going out the door to the east and a beer pouring line extending to the west, down University. So, you’ll line up in the ticket purchase line, buy your ticket and then line up in the pouring line. It’s a pain, but it actually goes very quickly…a lot faster than if you’re waiting at Russian River Brewing for some Pliny. Hopefully, we will empty the ticket buying line (to the east), so it’s not too crowded in here, and then the line going to the west can come in and we’ll empty the keg in about 47 minutes, give or take.

When we are selling and pouring the Pliny, it’s difficult to sell and pour other beers. We’ll do our best but you need to be patient. If you get here early, it’s better if you buy your other beers first and stake your place inside the restaurant.

Please, please, please be patient with all of my staff and the other customers. We will do our best to make sure everyone gets at least one 10 oz. pour, but the reality is that there may be more people here than we have beer for. So, get here early, relax on a Friday afternoon, and try to have fun. We’ll work our butts off to try to be fair and pleasant to everybody.



Robert Gaustad
Bobby G’s Pizzeria