Politics, Baseball, and Football

October 2012

Politics, Baseball, and Football

 At the same time tonight, we will have customers who are very much interested in the final presidential debate and others who will be cheering on our San Francisco Giants to help them go to the World Series.

I am asking each of you to respect one another while we try to accommodate everybody.   Here’s the scenario:

  1. If there’s no rain, the Giants game starts around 5pm.  We’ll have it on, with sound.
  2. At 6pm, however, the final presidential debate starts and we will have that on three televisions, WITH SOUND.  The Giants game will remain on two televisions with no sound during the debate.
  3. It’s also MNF night, but it’s third priority this week.  We might have it on for a few minutes before the debate, but it will go off once the debate starts so we can watch the Giants play and watch and hear the debate.
  4. The debate ends at 7:30 and at that point, we’ll add the sound back to the Giants game, and put the football game back on.

I am giving everybody ample warning as to what we’re doing tonight so if you don’t agree with my plans, you are more than welcome to go elsewhere to watch your games.  I do apologize in advance that we can’t make everybody happy.

For those watching the Giants game, please try to keep your cheering to a dull roar while the debate is going on so we can hear all the bullshit being flung around. There will probably be at least two or three innings left in the game once the debate ends, so hopefully we can cheer the Giants on to a victory and the World Series.

But please, please, please, let’s have everybody get along.  And also, please have patience with our staff. We’ll all be overworked tonight but we’ll do the very best job we can to get you your food and drink in a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks everybody.  Go Giants! Kick some Mitt, Mr. President!