Starters and Sides

If you don’t want a full meal or want a great appetizer, check out our Starters.


We have lots of fresh, classic salads from which to choose.

New York Style Pizza (thin crust)

The classic thin-crust pizza made with organic dough and sauce. We use a nice mozzarella/provolone blend for these pies.

Signature Pizzas (thin crust)

These pies are made with the same great organic dough and sauce but for cheese we use fresh whole-milk mozzarella.

Sicilian Pizzas (thick crust)

If you like your pizza about an inch thick, the Sicilian pie is for you!

Pan Fried Pizzas (ultra thin crust)

They pan fry very thin pizzas in Naples and now we do it in Berkeley. The ultra-thin crust is pan fried in extra-virgin olive oil. Great stuff.


We use fresh pasta from Berkeley’s Pasta Shop, and make all our own sauces from scratch. It’s a meal in a bowl!

Panini and Sandwiches

Excellent grilled Panini and Sandwiches. Perfect for lunch or dinner.


We have organic ice cream from Three Twins, great all-natural desserts from Galaxy, and fresh fruit. Take your pick.


We have fresh lemonade, iced tea, coffee, Mexican coke, Jarritos, Vitamin Water, sparkling water, etc.