Starters and Sides

If you don’t want a full meal or want a great appetizer, check out our Starters.


We have lots of fresh, classic salads from which to choose.

New York Style Pizza (thin crust)

The classic thin-crust pizza made with organic dough and sauce. We use a nice mozzarella/provolone blend for these pies.

Signature Pizzas (thin crust)

These pies are made with the same great organic dough and sauce but for cheese we use fresh whole-milk mozzarella.

Pan Fried Pizzas (ultra thin crust)

They pan fry very thin pizzas in Naples and now we do it in Berkeley. The ultra-thin crust is pan fried in extra-virgin olive oil. Great stuff.


We use fresh pasta from Berkeley’s Pasta Shop, and make all our own sauces from scratch. It’s a meal in a bowl!

Panini and Sandwiches

Excellent grilled Panini and Sandwiches. Perfect for lunch or dinner.


We have organic ice cream from Three Twins, great all-natural desserts from Galaxy, and fresh fruit. Take your pick.


We have fresh lemonade, iced tea, coffee, Mexican coke, Jarritos, Vitamin Water, sparkling water, etc.